Photography, for me, is a vehicle to explore the varied terrains of life. Be it a quiet violet sunset or a noisy crowded street buzzing with activity, both have their own flavour.  Photographs have associations. It is my personal opinion that a photograph, with time, becomes a source of memories, afterthought and posterity. It is hence important to capture the right moment, which I believe, calls for an art.   Today technology has revolutionised the world of photography. In this changing world one now sees more of digital photography than the traditional film photographs. Being a part of this change process, I have developed digital imaging as my passion.  In the light of these thoughts, I open my digital eyes to the changing world. In other words, I use digital photography as a media to express my thoughts and feelings together with my all of other my disciplines, to other human beings. In the computer digital world, my two eyes and two ears serve as input devices.
Sound gives me 4th dimension to my thinking for all of my other disciplines. Looking at a photograph with a mix of sound brings a picture to life, adding to it a perception of reality and imagination. Listening intently to an environmental sound in the early morning hours helps one to be innovative and appreciative of the beauty and serenity around us, something not always experienced and appreciated by human beings. You would love birds, animals and all living creatures. It is traditional belief and also proven that mild music in hotels, workplaces, etc., enhances productivity, profits and generates a positive vibration.   Designing a sound to suit a specific view or situation is extremely interesting and challenging, which provides me with the desire and energy to be more innovative.    Mixing sounds is an art of balancing the combination of sounds from many instruments to render it pleasing to the ear with a certain audio punch and touch. I am involving in extensive sound research and eager to share my experience with others.
Environmental care is of utmost importance for world sustainability where all human beings must contribute in their lifetime to ensure all living creatures are both respected and enjoyed. I’ve learned a lot in my day-to-day life and have developed a passion towards all living beings, which include birds, animals, even insects & mosquitoes. Being a nature lover, it has formed a major part of my life. I look intently at all components of nature and get a sense that they are talking to me. I chose photography and sound engineering as a tool to convey my feelings to humans to be conscious of the Environmental future of this planet and world sustainability.   Sometime, I am laughed at by my family, with my continuous advice and ideas, which often varies with the general thought process. In response, I call my family the  "Digital Family Environments Friendly" and coincidently my family and I live in the apartment named  "Creative Environs".
By profession, I am an Environment Manager of large Digital program, which I feel fortunate to be part of and which coincidentally, matches my affection for the Environment. Contributing my wealth of knowledge and expertise to critical areas of the program, which include infrastructure optimisation, process automation, multivendor management and quality assurance.  Irrespective of my physical geographical location, I am focused towards organisational goals and ensure to give my best to serve my organisation and to exceed client expectations.   To my colleagues, teammates and friends I am at times referred to as "digidhamu". I feel both pride and happiness when I am called by that name. The Digital Domain is where the future is and forms a large part of my work, personal and family life. My theme at work is    "Digital Team, Environments Friendly"and "Friendly, Digital Environment Team".
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